Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bartering with Placemats and coasters

The criss-cross coasters and four placemats I made for a local silent auction charity, were purchased by someone who knew me. I was delighted to receive a call from her letting me know how thrilled she and her husband were with the fabric choice and craftsmanship! I didn't ask her what it went for, but I'm anxious to find out!

As a quilter, I so enjoy it when someone who receives my work appreciates the design process and craftsmanship that went into it, even a simple project like coasters and placemats. But here's the best part. She remembered when my husband and I were at their home for a supper club dinner last fall and we so admired her husband's hand crafted wooden hobby horses. The smaller of the two styles had caught our eye because it reminded us of our miniature horse, Spandangles. She wanted to know if I would make four more placemats and a tablerunner in exchange for the wooden hobby horse.

Of course I would! I let her know that I may have to exchange one of the fabrics for a similar one, but that I did have more of the main fabrics that I had originally used. The only time consuming part of these placemats is hand sewing all the binding. It does finish them crisply and adds a nice design element, but I think next I will experiment with creating a placemat that I can just add a backing to, and then do the quilting after it has been turned to the right side.

Well I decided I better get on it right away, and try to get them finished before Easter in case she wanted to use them, so I finished them this week and am ready to deliver them today. They turned out so nice, and I wish I had a set myself, but that is yet to come. I'm beginning to think that placemats, runner and coasters may be some of the next family gift items that I make.