Saturday, October 2, 2010

Drill Invitation 2010 Patriotic Prancing

Horsepower Farm Presents. . . (Click on the title of this post to see some of our drill on Youtube.) 2010 Parade of Breeds and Ladies Drill Team Event: Patriotic Prancing

Saturday October 2nd, 3 PM Horses perform at 3:30

Bring a lawn chair and a dish to pass for the Barn Potluck that will follow the event.

Drillmaster: Deb Kelly Choreographer: Jo Schoenfeld

f Breeds Announcer: Ron Winstrom MC: Troy Potter

Janet Carlson on Snazzy (Quarter Horse)
Wende Corbett on Patrick (Quarter Horse)
Barb Jansz on Man (Tennessee Walker)
Barb Johnson on Chawn (Arabian)
Ellen Leake on Patriot (Tennessee Walker)
Carol Scarpelli on Mastermind (Arabian)
Jo Schoenfeld on Shaytan (Saddlebred)

Linda Weeder on Maggie (Tennessee Walker)
Jane West on Cody (Quarter Horse)

---Keeper of the Gate and Backup Rider: Mary Werner
Videographer: Former Drill Team Member Chris MacDonald

Special Guests: Courtney & Hanna with Spandangles
As always we remember our first Drillmaster and friend, Jane McGirk

Thank you Carol and Ray Scarpelli of Horsepower Farm
and Mary Werner, Manager of Horsepower Farm

Parade of Breeds Horsepower Farm

The afternoon started with the National Anthem. The flag bearer is Linda Weeder and her Tennessee Walker, Maggie. Linda began riding at age 65 and is an inspiration to us all. She is a three time cancer survivor. (The date on these photos is really 10/02/2010.)
This is Man, A Legend in Black, my wonderful Tennessee Walker.
And last but not least, our Parade of Breeds ended with our miniature horse, Spandangles, being led by Hannah.