Friday, May 30, 2008

Flower Fairy Party

Well, this was a first. Although I had been to a Tea in my neighbor Nancy's barn before, I had never been to a Fairy Flower party. For the Tea we had been required to wear a hat, but today we were asked to wear flowers. I added a lei of flowers around my head to meet the dress code, hoping I wouldn't run into anyone as I made my way down the country road to Nancy's log home and barn.

I knew it would be delightful. Invited guests included neighbors, family, and some very dear old friends who had traveled quite a distance to attend.
Nancy designs beautiful gardens, is an animal lover, a fellow-horse lady, and a creative soul with a vivid imagination! She is also the best dog-sitter you could ever find, with folks coming from hours away to let their dogs 'vacation' in her home, our Black Lab, Zeus, being one of the lucky overnight guests.
Today, Nancy and Lary redecorated their barn to provide a Fairy Flower setting, with bales of hay covered with fabric and little vignettes of plants, fairies, flowers, rabbits, and live cats and Corgies to set the mood.

It was magical! The morning had been filled with heavy rainstorms, which made the sun and blue sky all the more welcome this afternoon!

One of the rooms in the barn is a mini-kitchen, beautifully decorated with wonderful antiques and little vignettes of her interesting collections.
We began with a toast of champagne to another dear horse lady we lost this past winter. I forgot to mention that Nancy is also a wonderful cook and baker, with attention to all the details of presentation.
A tour of her Fairy Garden and a take-home potted Impatient sent us happily on our way home. Thank you, Nancy! It was an afternoon that I will always treasure. May the fairies continue to entertain all of us!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Safe Haven Humane Society

Here is a photo that appeared in our little monthly newspaper. It was an article about Safe Haven, our local humane society where we found our Black Lab, Zeus, and Tom is currently serving as president. The big horse, is Doc, the little one, Spandangles, and the cat trying to escape the photo is Tori - an interesting story by herself!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Quilt an Hour a Day on Something Else

Happy Memorial Day, especially to our soldiers currently serving, our dear veterans, their families and all who have served to keep us free.

I haven't been home to quilt an hour a day, but I am looking forward to catching up soon. Instead, I helped my niece, Katie, move into her first home (condo) in Chicago. It is a lovely place in the charming Lakeview Neighborhood.

So when I returned home today, and the City Girl fabric Katie selected had finally arrived in the mail, I began to quilt a tablerunner for her kitchen. When I had first asked her about colors, she asked for Martha Stewart colors, so when I found the "City Girl" collection by designer Kitty Yoshida for Benartex Fabrics, it just seemed perfect.
The fabulous colors of brown, blue, and green combined with geometric and paisley patterns create a unique and eye catching combination.

The colors remind me of the beautiful glass tile backsplash we saw when we visited our Irish cousin's home (Ed and Annie) while we were in Chicago on this same trip. These young people have such great sense of color and design.

You can see both Katie and Annie riding with me in the photo at the beginning of my Quiltwhinny Trails blog.