Saturday, November 10, 2012

Quilt Guild Teacup Challenge

Teacup Challenge Friendship Quilters

Monica Groezinger, 2011/2012 President of Friendship Quilters, Elizabeth, Illinois, gave each member a challenge - Bring in a favorite teacup to exchange with another guild member. Let it serve as an inspiration for you to create 'something' for them, to be returned by the December meeting.
I delighted in receiving Lauri Petersburg's bright and cheery extra large teacup! It inspired me to create something fun that could be hung in her sewing room and remind her why she loves to quilt.

Quilter's Poem
Love is a quilt -- a quilt is love.... Both love and a quilt should be:

Soft enough to comfort you, Bright enough to cheer you, Generous enough to enfold you, Light enough to let you move freely, Strong enough to withstand adversity, Durable enough to last a lifetime, And given gladly, from the heart.