Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Fund-raising a success because people gave back

Fund-raising a success because people gave back
Article from:The Sun - Naperville (IL) Article date:June 12, 2002More results for:jeanine nicarico Literacy

We hear so much these days about takers -- people who somehow they feel entitled to receive, but pay little mind to the concept of giving back. How refreshing to know Mary Kelly, reading specialist at Thayer J. Hill Middle School (and one of the brains behind "Naperville Reads Gary Paulsen") and Mary Bazan, of the school business partner Silver Mortgage Corp.
These two dynamic women saw the need to give back, and boy did they! They believed that Hill Middle School, which has been among the recipients of funds from the Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Fund for Literacy, should help replenish the fund.

Runners themselves, the two Marys put together the 5K Run for Reading held recently at Hill.

In a matter of a few months, these women mobilized volunteers, sponsors and runners from throughout districts 203 and 204 and the entire community.

When the sun broke through the clouds on Sunday morning better than 400 runners and walkers (and a couple of dogs) took to the streets of the Brookdale subdivision and raised over $8,000 to support reading enrichment in our community.

The Nicarico Family were gracious hosts, Mayor Pradel and the legendary Al Carius of North Central College provided encouragement and inspiration, and the staff and parents of Hill Middle School provided much of the labor.

Our family was proud to lend a hand to such a worthy cause, with such wonderful people.

Many thanks to Silver Mortgage and all the sponsors, volunteers and participants for making such a wonderful day.

No wonder Principal Mike Raczak and the staff of Hill Middle School continue to reap so many honors as educators.

They inspire us all to great things!

David Roe Deb Newman Roe Naperville

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