Friday, February 16, 2007

Simple Quilt Sleeve

Here’s a simple idea I found in Quiltmaker magazine to use instead of a quilt sleeve on smaller wall hangings. I tried it out on three advent calendars I made for grand nieces and nephews this past Christmas.

Fold two 3” squares into triangles by folding in half and in half again. Match the triangles raw edges to the upper corners of the quilt’s back so that it will get caught in the seam when you add the binding )and sew it on instead of the traditional sleeve for hanging. Bind the quilt as you normally would. You can also use the triangle as your quilt label, by writing on it, if you use a light fabric to create the triangles.

Measure and cut a narrow dowel rod to fit into the corners. You can do the same thing on the bottom to add stability.
The quilt sleeve triangles will need to be stitched on before the binding is stitched to the quilt. For larger wall hangings 26" - 45", cut two squares that measure 8".
The tip was from Terry Chilko, Morgantown, West Virginia, She has a nice visual on her webpage.

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Flippytale Quilter said...

Oh please post a picture of your quilt, I would love to see your finished piece with the sleeve on it. It sounds so simple but my brain isn't seeing it... =)