Sunday, May 4, 2008

Binding a Quilt

This year I have made lots of placemats and napkins for gifts - birthday gifts, thank you gifts, shower and wedding and anniversary gifts. My favorite placemats use flannel for the batting, and are finished by hand stitching the final turn of the binding. All these placemats gave me lots of practice starting and ending the binding so that you cannot tell where it begins and where it ends. It also gave me lots of practice in machine quilting.

I used to struggle with getting my binding to begin and end nicely. I knew there was a way that you could finish it so no one could tell where you began or ended, and the following website finally put it all together for me.

Here is a great tutorial that will help you put on perfect binding every time. No one will ever be able to tell where you began or where you ended. It is from Sarah London's blogspot in Australia!

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