Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pattern Directions

I just ordered and received a most wonderful pattern, but the directions are quite difficult to interpret. Actually, I so love the pattern, that I am willing to put up with hours of time trying to decipher what the writer intended. The designer is so creative to have come up with this pattern, but I wish the he or she would have worked with a left-brained friend to make sure it was able to be implemented. The design speaks to my heart. It is layers of hills and valleys and beautiful farmland with a gorgeous red barn in the center. Many of the fields are well know quilt block patterns, with attention to value abandoned to create the subtle grass colors and depth of the hills.The border is a surround of Delectable Mountain blocks, again very subtle, that complete the scene. Fortunately I have enough sewing and quilting experience to figure it out. Now the question is do I have the time and determination to bring it to life?

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