Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quilting at Timmerman's Farm

I quilt one day a week with a group of about 10 ladies known as The Busy Fingers. We meet in one member's home each week, and work on whatever quilt or quilts they happen to have in the frame. Some ladies have beautifully crafted wood frames, some have the old fashioned boards that rest on hand-made wooden posts, and others have the newer Q-snap frames that are made out of plastic tubing. All work just fine, and all have produced beautiful heirlooms for our families.

This week we quilted at Carol's home, which is on a dairy farm bordering on the edge of Illinois and Wisconsin. Carol has also painted a quilt pattern on one of her barn doors that faces the highway. It is called "Hole in the Barn Door," and has one of the Holstein dairy cows looking out of the center.


Teresa said...

A pretty setting to meet with friends. I know you must really enjoy your quilting bees with your friends.

Moorea said...

Hello! I joined JUST US QUILTERS List
and am trying to visit them all! Your
blog is very warm & cheerful, thanks
for sharing!