Sunday, June 29, 2008

Round Robin

Our quilt guild is doing a Round Robin. Members who are interested in participating provide the center block, a collection of fabrics they would like to be used, and place it in a brown paper bag. The bags are exchanged with participating members every other month, and they must comply with the assignment. That gives you two months to figure out what you want to do to add on to the Round Robin.

The first months assignment was to add some kind of border using triangles. The second month, which you see here, was to add applique.

The third month involved rectangles or squares, and the final month is a border of our choosing.

I can't wait until September when our Round Robin projects are returned and we get to see what others have done to them! The center block that I turned in was a cross-stitched block of Lincoln's home in Springfield, Illinois. I found it at the garage sale room at our quilt guild's show a few years ago, and didn't quite know what to do with it --- until the Round Robin opportunity came up.

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