Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quilting at Jeannine's

The Busy Fingers hand quilting group gathers once a week at a member's home to work on whatever quilts they may have on their frames. This week we met at Jeannine's home, out in the country on a beautiful lake. Jeannine, a retired nurse, is a talented hand quilter, expert at hand appliquing, a wonderful cook, good friend... well you just can't say enough about quilting friends, can you?
Whenever I travel down Elizabeth-Scales Mound Round, I always try to catch a glimpse of a white steeple in the distance.That is Jeannine's church, that was moved to the new site about one year ago. On the way to her home this week, I paused to take a close-up shot of her beautiful church. Jeannine quilts at her church each Wednesday, between all the things she does for her family, friends and community.
When you arrive at Jeannine's log home, and are welcomed inside, you are greeted with a wall hanging our quilt guild did last year. It is House on Willow Hill.
It was one of those projects that you probably wouldn't attempt on your own, but when you are challenged to keep up month by month by your quilt guild friends, you happily join in. It was featured in McCall's Quilting Magazine as a 5 part series quilt, premiering in the April 2006 issue. HOWH is an intermediate level quilt featuring many varied techiques which makes it an interesting quilt to work on and a learning experience! It was chosen for the cover of the Catskill Mountain Region Arts and Culture Guide, June 2006, after winning first place at the Catskill Mountain Festival Quilt Show in 2005.
As you step in Jeannine's home, you are drawn to look up to the beautiful wood beams and the display of her Cat's Meow homes and buildings of Galena.This week, before we began quilting at Jeannine's frame, we admired the beautiful tops that our quilt guild had created for the Quilts of Valor Project that donates quilts for the wounded soldiers. Our little guild of less than 30 members recently gathered to create 8 quilt tops for the soldiers.
Then we took a quick walk outside to enjoy her beautiful gardens and a walk to the lake.
After a trip to see Apple Canyon Lake on this beautiful July day, it was back up the trail to Jeannine's home to begin our day of hand quilting.


Teresa said...

Thank you for sharing your day! She has a beautiful home and such a nice surrounding to be in. Your blog was simply inspiring this morning and makes me want to stay home from work today and quilt!

Alycia said...

What a beautiful place, and wonderful quilts. I think that is great that you are making QOV's! The lake there would inspire me too!

Kathy said...

beautiful country. Where is it? You left a message on my blog and I was just wonder where it is?

SouthernFried said...

Hi, I am a friend of Wiley Coyote...I also quilt and was taught by my Great-Grandmother. Due to time, I stick with very simple ones but I still enjoy it.

I think it is great that you have people that you quilt with.