Sunday, July 4, 2010

Here's our Barn Quilt. Thanks, Julie!

Here's our barn quilt! We hung it today on the 4th of July weekend! It is our special gift to each other for our 40th Anniversary. Please come to see it in person! We hung it 'on point,' as quilters say, which means it is on the diagonal. Doc looks especially nice looking out his Dutch door.
I'll post a photo of that soon. Spandangles, our miniature is too small to see peeking out of the 'hole in the barn door', so I'll try to get a photo of her outside the barn.
Also known as the LeMoyne Star; tradition has it that this early star pattern was named after the LeMoyne brothers Pierre and Jean-Baptiste, early residents of New Orleans, and that as the design traveled north the name became corrupted into Lemon Star. With its divided points in alternating colors, it was a highly popular pattern in the 1900's. The eight-pointed star is one of the most enduring of all patchwork motifs. In its simplest form, it is made from eight diamonds in two alternating colors; it provides the basis for numerous quilts. These include the intricate and beautiful Lone Star patterns, in which concentric bands of diamonds radiate out into the final eight points. Source: "The Quilting Source Book" by Maggi McCormick Gordon
--The QuiltwhinnyBarb Jansz
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Teresa said...

I love it and was thinking it patter would make a great quilt. Are you going to make a quilt in the block style?

boobois said...

The barn quilt looks GREAT!