Friday, September 7, 2012

Fwd: Spandangles 1988 - 2012

Begin forwarded message:

Spandangles brought a lot of happiness to everyone who ever met her. She
had a steady stream of visitors who loved to groom her, learn how to give
her treats and lead her around the yard.
Before we knew her she was a loving mom to at least 3 babies on the Perry
Farm in Elizabeth. One of her babies was sold to a breeding program in
Belgium. She was in a program at the Galena Library, was a special guest at
pre-school field trips and other events at Horsepower Farm.
She was a loving companion to My Buddy, and more recently to Doc and Man.
Although she was little, she was mighty, maintaining the number two
position our herd of "2 and a half horses" as Tom liked to say. Her herd
mates could never quite figure out how she could slip under the fence to
get to the greener grass on the other side.
A special thank you to Wende, Crystal and Bill Corbett, Ben Wienen and Dr.
Cal Schafer for designing a special farewell for her today, and her
farrier, Wayne Robbe.
We love you, Spanny, and know you are already enjoying greener pastures and
reunited with many friends who are greeting you as you gallop in.

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