Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Medallion Star Quilt

This is the label poem that I made for the quilt celebration we held when we were finally able to take Doris' quilt off the frame.

The Medallion Star Quilt
1997 - 2007

The Busy Fingers saved their cash
To take a quilt trip to increase their stash.
Both Doris and Gail purchased kits -
"White on White" from the historic lists.

Gail finished her quilt lickety-split,
but Doris went slowly, enjoying the wit
of her quilting friends from near and far,
carefully quilting on this heirloom star.

From the Bussan Farm in Galena to Dubuque - not far,
they kept coming to work on the Medallion Star.
Ten years had passed though the work was steady,
so a celebration was held to show it was ready.

Millie baked a cake - champagne, and toasts
and the ladies gathered to brag and boast.
A replica of a Smithsonian treasure,
Finally finished. The value? No measure.

Barb Jansz
The Busy Fingers November 1, 2007

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