Saturday, October 20, 2007

You are invited to Horse Power Farm for a Halloween Drill Team Event on Saturday, October 20th. Please gather for appetizers and Halloween Cheer at 4 PM before the 5 PM musical presentation.

Drillmaster: Jane McGirk Choreographer: Jo Shoenfeld

Janet Carlson on Snazzy (Quarter Horse)
Wende Corbett on Cody (Ray Scarpelli’s Quarter Horse)
Sue Hulls on Charlie (Kathy Angres’ Paint)
Barb Jansz on Paako (Chris MacDonald’s Quarter Horse)
Barb Johnson on Chawn (Arabian)
Ellen Leake on Magic (Tennessee Walker)
Carol Scarpelli on Mastermind (Arabian)
Jo Shoenfeld on Shaytan (Saddlebred)

Jane West – Keeper of the Gate and Spokesman

Injured Reserve List: Anna Appleby – best wishes for a speedy recovery, Anna

Thank you Carol and Ray Scarpelli of Horse Power Farm
and Mary Werner, Manager of Horse Power Farm

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