Friday, October 19, 2007

The Irish Drillmaster

The Irish Drillmaster

Tuesday mornings we gather together
At Horse Power Farm, no matter the weather.
The indoor arena allows us to learn
From an expert horseman, although quite stern.
Drillmaster McGirk barks out her orders -
"That's a C, an A, that's a D, are you snoring?
Look at his ears, you gave him no warning!

Some riders are deaf, and some just don't get it,
The horses forgiving and looking quite fit.
"What 's wrong with my circle, too big or too small?
Just make up your mind or else I may fall!"

At last she approved, "You're horses look happy."
And Jo chose great music to make us look snappy.
She designed a Halloween dance for all to study
So we could perform it with our best buddy.

Little black capes we pinned to our backs,
as we danced and flanked around the tracks.
The people they cheered and dropped their plates
into the arena where they looked like snakes.

The horses, like people, so different, but yet
All came together for the final set.
The music played on and we pulled it together
on a glorious day of the best fall weather.

Barb Jansz

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